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Adventure Travel in Orlando: Skydiving

When planning your vacation, consider not only where you’ll go but what you’ll do while you’re there. After all, it’s the experiences that make your vacation truly special. Big thrills make the best memories and fortunately Orlando has plenty of options to include the whole family. For something adventurous and unique all ages will love, we recommend iFly.

What is iFly?

iFly is an indoor skydiving experience with all of the thrills and none of the risk of traditional skydiving. According to their website, all ages between 3 and 103 with reasonable health and fitness can fly. To make the magic of flight a reality, iFly uses indoor wind tunnels, featuring two recirculating vertical wind tunnels to create a smooth cushion of air that lifts you right off the ground. The flight chambers are 12 feet wide and large enough to hold several people and accommodate fancy flight tricks such as flips and formations.

The iFly Experience

iFly is for all skill levels, so if you’ve never gone skydiving before, don’t sweat it. Each flight is equivalent to 1.5 skydives and is suitable for newbies and pros alike. A certified flight instructor will be with you every step of the way. When you first arrive, you’ll spend a few minutes observing current flyers, then you get started with flight training class. You’ll meet with your instructor and learn the proper flight form and hand signals.

After class you’ll gear up and get ready for lift off. Step into the flight chamber and defy gravity! Your instructor will be in the flight chamber at all times spotting you and helping with flight technique. After your flight you’ll receive a certificate as well as the opportunity to purchase photos and video of your flight so you can share your adventure with family and friends.

iFLY All Abilities

One of the best things about iFly is that it encourages everyone, regardless of age, experience, and ability, to fly. iFly regularly hosts All Abilities Night. This unique program has been specifically designed to give those with physical and cognitive challenges a chance to take flight. Participants will enjoy discounted tickets, pre-flight training and gear, and two one-minute flights as well as a free video showcasing their flight. Check the schedule and be sure to book your spot in advance for this popular event.

iFly is located on International drive, just minutes from all Rosen Hotels & Resorts properties, so getting there is a breeze. Travel time is nominal so you can return to iFly many times as you like during your vacation. Our rooms offer an oasis to relax in after all your adventures and feature amenities such as free Wi-Fi, HDTV with premium movie channels, and on-site eateries. Book your stay today by calling 1-877-224-5377.

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