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Iconic Orlando Photos that Get the Likes

No matter how cool you say your Orlando trip was, everyone likes to see photos of adventures. Orlando just happens to have plenty of interesting visuals that will light up your social media feed with pictures your friends are sure to like (and make them secretly wish they were romping around Orlando). While you’re here, check out these unique landmarks to pose with, and don’t forget to share your adventures with us at #RosenMoments!

Church Street Station in Downtown Orlando

Built in 1889, the historic train station has long been an icon of Orlando’s daily life. Today, it houses multiple bars and restaurants. Although it is a popular hub for nightlife with locals, Church Street Station isn’t that well known among tourists, making it a unique place to photograph.

Photo Tip: For the most impactful shot, snap a photo at dusk once the lights are on but before crowds gather.

Lake Eola Fountain in Downtown Orlando

If you’re a photographer, you simply can’t leave Orlando before you snap a photo of this iconic fountain. As the symbol of Orlando, the fountain at Lake Eola is the perfect encapsulation of your visit to The City Beautiful.

Photo tip: In 2016, the Lake Eola Bandshell was painted in rainbow colors to honor the victims of the Pulse shooting. Frame your shot so that you capture the bandshell as well for a photo showcases the community spirit of Orlando.

Icon Orlando on International Drive

Although it’s one of the newer additions to the Orlando skyline, ICON Orlando has quickly become just that – iconic. This slow moving observation wheel towers 400 feet above International Drive and while it’s tempting to take photos of the sprawling view while riding, your most spectacular shots will be of the wheel itself.

Photo tip: Capture the carnival feeling of International Drive by visiting at night when the wheel is lit up in multi-color lights.

Spaceship Earth at Epcot

Everyone instantly recognizes the geodesic dome at the entrance of Epcot, even though few seem to know its name. The “Epcot ball” is actually named for the ride it houses – Spaceship Earth. With its geometric texture and luminous glow, it’s perfect for a close up textural shot or the focal point of landscape.

Photo Tip: Snap your photo just after you pass admission so you can capture another Disney icon – the monorail – in your shot as well.

Cinderella’s Castle at Magic Kingdom

A timeless Disney classic, a shot of Cinderella’s Castle at Magic Kingdom is a must-have for anyone visiting Walt Disney World. Impressive enough to stand on its own, Cinderella’s Castle also makes an excellent backdrop for your mickey ears selfie or a mouth-watering dole whip shot.

Photo tip: For the best photos, avoid the busy main street. Instead, set up your shot from the Liberty Square Bridge, where you’ll have a great view and plenty of room to experiment with angles and lighting.

Diagon Alley at Universal Studios Orlando

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is so detailed you might feel as if you’ve magically been transported into the movies. The photography opportunities are endless but for an instantly recognizable shot, go with Diagon Alley.

Photo tip: The topsy-turvy buildings of Diagon Alley let us know we’re not in the Muggle world anymore. To emphasize this magical reality, use a fish eye lens as you capture the distorted store fronts and roof tops.

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At Rosen Hotels & Resorts you’ll enjoy excellent locations in the heart of International Drive, just minutes from all the landmarks mentioned in this post. Our amenities include swimming pools, arcade rooms, and on-site restaurants that are the perfect place to relax after a day of business meetings and sightseeing.

Photo tip: Step out from behind the camera and snap a selfie at your favorite spot at your Rosen hotel. Share it with us using #RosenMoments.

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