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Talk like a Pirate Day-September 19th

Ahoy me hearties!

National Talk Like a Pirate Day be upon be ‘n we be excited as ever t’ celebrate. But besides natterin’ like a pirate, ye should consider lootin’ up th’ finer aspects o’ pirate culture–aye, we mean walk th’ walk, dress in yer pirate best ‘n head out fer some o’ our fav’rit pirate plunders!

The first really great option is for those of us traveling with children who are eager to get in on the action: The Pirates League at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Specialty packages allow the great Pirate Masters to turn guests 3 and older into their choice of a themed pirate, Captain Hook, an empress, or a mermaid. Packages include a full day of pirate training, costume, official pirate name, and the opportunity to take the pirate oath. Captain Jack Sparrow’s Pirate Masters will also teach you how to navigate the seas and share tales of treasures buried deep within the ocean’s depths.

Fer th’ adults we’ve considered a much more unique excursion. That’s right, we mean taking you to a city where real pirates were known to dock their vessels. We’re talking about St. Augustine. This day trip has all the fixings for a great time for couples, friends, and older children. The rich history of America’s oldest city includes centuries of battles with invading forces, including pirates. Aside from tours that focus on lore—much of it being pirate lore—guests can visit the Pirate & Treasure Museum or the Castillo de San Marcos, a fort designed to fend off sea scoundrels. You can even set sail upon the Pirate Ship Black Raven. If you’re into diving, Sea Hunt Scuba is a local dive center that offers guided underwater tours to explore six famous shipwrecks off the cost.

St. Augustine is still home to pirates who can be seen wandering the streets of the Colonial Quarter at any time—day or night.

Don’t forget to book yer lodgin before you set sail! We’re only 20 minutes away from Disney with shuttle and car services available. Our location not only provides an easy commute for those choosing to drive themselves, but day trips to St. Augustine can be arranged with us via Florida Dolphin Tours as well!

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