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Tips for Attending the Florida Wedding Expo

Are you planning a Florida wedding? If so, you won’t want to miss the Florida Wedding Expo held at the Orange County Convention Center on March 24, 2019. This exciting bridal event features more than 100 industry professionals including photographers, decorators, DJs, and more. The expo also includes a fashion show highlighting a variety of bridal and bridesmaids gowns. The show is a great place to get to know vendors and learn about new ideas for your wedding. To make the most of your ticket, follow our tips for attending the Florida Wedding Expo in Orlando.

1.      Arrive Early

The first 500 general admission brides receive special prizes, including $1000 in Wedding Expo Dollars redeemable with participating vendors and a $200 gift card for Symbolize It, a company that specializes in personalized guest books, cake toppers, and more.

2.      Bring Your Wedding Crew

At the show, you’ll encounter over a hundred vendors that spark a thousand potential ideas for your wedding. Bringing along your closest friends will help you stay focused as you explore wedding ideas, while making the whole experience more fun. As an extra bonus, moms, grooms, and other members of your wedding party will enjoy special giveaways.

3.      Wear Comfortable Shoes

The Orange County Convention Center is the second largest convention center in the United States and with over one hundred vendors at the show, you can be sure it will involve a lot of walking. You don’t want aching feet to hold you back, so dress comfortably to make the most of your afternoon.

4.      Print Labels with Your Contact Information

Instead of getting a cramp from writing out your contact information over and over again, just make labels. As you are likely to receive a lot of emails, it is also helpful to make a separate email account just for wedding information.

5.      Channel Your Inner Food Critic

As you wind through the rows and rows of vendors, you’ll be presented with various caterers and bakers offering samples of their wares. It’s an excellent way to explore culinary choices for your wedding, so make note of your top candidates to contact after the show.

6.      Stay Late

Throughout the show you’ll have opportunities to win fabulous prizes. Expo rules require that you be present to win, so plan to stay until the end of the event to for a chance to win some awesome wedding freebies.


Rosen Hotel & Resorts has several properties near the Orange County Convention Center, perfect for you and your family to stay while in town for the show. On-site buffet restaurants, swimming pools, and free Wi-Fi are just a few of the amenities that will transform your wedding planning trip into a fun bridal party getaway. Book your Orlando wedding getaway today by calling 1-866-337-6736.

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