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Unique and Unusual Attractions

Florida is a mecca of attractions acting as a beacon to vacation goers around the world. Towering coasters and musical stage performances, dazzling fireworks displays, and world renowned annual events are some of our claims to fame. Like many cities around the world, we have our share of unusual attractions. Check out our short list of some of the most unusual attractions in Central Florida.

The Presidents Hall of Fame- Clermont

The farthest out on our list, some 40 minutes north of International Drive, sits the educational attraction the Presidents Hall of Fame. What lands this lesser known attraction on our list? It’s featured exhibits. Upon visiting, you are treated to some interesting replicas of the White House including miniatures and full replicas of rooms, a collection of inaugural gowns worn by the First Ladies, and maybe one of the most interesting is the replica of Mount Rushmore which plays the backdrop for many visitor photos. During special holiday events, guests are even treated to a meet and greet with former presidents Benjamin Franklin and Ulysses S. Grant. If you’re looking for a little American history, this is a unique pit stop worth visiting. For more information, visit

American Ghost Adventures

Making our way closer to home base, we take a look at a little known group of paranormal investigators taking residence in Downtown Orlando, American Ghost Adventures. Started in 2010, you can join them as they investigate local haunts on and around Church Street Station.

If you’re looking for a fun way to learn about the history of Orlando and get aquatinted with some of the permanent residents of some unexpected locations throughout Orlando. Want to join the ghost hunt? Check out their website:

Titanic: the Artifact Exhibit

Back on International Drive, settled in the strip between Rosen Inn International and Rosen Inn Closest to Universal, Titanic: the Artifact Exhibit is a 20,000 sq foot interactive museum. Inside, you get to learn the history of the Titanic, walk through full scale replicas of iconic areas of the ship including the Grand Staircase.

One part of the experience includes a walk-through of the events that took place on that faithful night. See the splendor and understand the events that led up to the tragedy that sank the unsinkable ship on her maiden voyage. Get more information on this unique attraction visit

Skeletons: Museum of Osteology

Located in the ICON Orlando 360 complex, Skeletons: Museum of Osteology rounds out our list for unique and unusual attractions. Featuring the skeletons of hundreds of animals, the goal of this exhibit is to educate visitors of “vertebrate life”. Vertebrate refers to the group of animals with a back bone or spinal column.

Treat yourself to unique views of your favorite animals and learn how the structure of their skeleton affects their way of life. How does having a spine affect the ability to hunt or survive in certain environments? How do you tell the difference between a carnivorous animal and an herbivore—or a predator vs. prey? Get these answers and more at Skeletons! For ticketing and exhibit information visit

That’s it for our list, but that’s not all that Orlando has to offer those travelers seeking unique and unusual attractions. International Drive is lined with dozens of attractions, walking distance from any Rosen Inn. Take advantage of our great locations and book today!

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